About EnKourage

EnKourage was created from a personal experience. As a stay at home mother of three children I'm home a lot and I love to be comfortable. I would wear my husbands t-shirts, boxers and sweat pants to bed or around the house because they were comfortable to me. One night as I was having a conversation with my husband he asked me why am I always wearing his clothes. He said it's not appealing, sexy or attractive. Although it may seem harsh to some I definitely didn't take it personal. I've been married long enough and if we can't tell each other what we want, think or feel...that's a problem. As women we sometimes don't think about it but it did make me wonder how many others can relate. I started buying myself more pajamas and loungewear that were not only comfortable but also cute and stylish. 

EnKourage exists so that you can be comfortable and cute whether you’re a stay at home mom or work 9-5. Some women wear uniforms or work attire for 8+ hours a day and they just want to get comfortable once they’re home. I wanted to offer garments that are comfortable whether you wear it to bed or just want to relax. I want women to be able to stay home or sleep in style at a reasonable price. Everyone has their own way of comfort and I hope that you can find your comfort at EnKourage!
      We at EnKourage want everyone to feel comfortable, confident and cute in whatever they choose to wear.
      Be EnKouraged!
      Mrs. Toi  
      *Did you know? As adults we need approximately 8 hours of sleep. What you wear at bedtime can affect how much sleep you get. Not getting enough sleep can impact your concentration, memory and your mood.